Lisa Harrison Talking With Frank O’Collins Who Founded Ucadia


Ucadia  – You might need a pen and paper.

Harrison and O'Collins

Harrison and O’Collins.

Comment:  ‘I have done a lot of work to confirm his claims and they hold water. Do the work try to activate your brain. Get rid of your cognitive dissonance. Learn the trivium method. Or do you love your servitude ?’

    • UCADIA represents a spiritual and legal presence, a structure of knowledge and a language of pure symbolic semantic meaning.
    • UCADIA is the founding energy upon which these words are based.
    • UCADIA stands for Unique Collective Awareness of DIA.
    • DIA are pure symbolic representations of meaning, the units of meaning upon which the UCADIAN language of pure symbolic semantic meaning is constructed.
    • Unique Collective Awareness means the unique collection of all things, a pure concept defined as the ultimate paradox, the absolute.


      Great Vatican Jesuit Pentragram of Evil from WWII.

Thisis the pentagram spoken about when he mentioned the site


Whois Frank O’Collins?  It is said that he is an athiest and he lives in Sydney.  He supports ‘Love for Life’ NSW who in turn raise many questions including the proof for ‘heliocentricity’.  A bunch of Aussie philisophers really.

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