Sunspot AR1785 Has Grown Just Under 25,000 Miles In Just 24 Hours


Sunspots Graphic showing AR1785  which is bigger than the Earth.

17 July 2013

‘Sunspot AR1785 has grown just under 25,000 miles in just 24 hours. It has widened and lengthened and this could lead to instability in the magnetic field of the sunspot. When the magnetic field loops and swirls it can collapse back in on itself and it’s this that produces strong flares.

The shape of this region is changing all the time to a much greater extent than is seen in most sunspots. AR1785 is now 11 times the size of the Earth and is still growing as it moves across the Sun.

Within the next day or two it will be at the center of the Sun disc and any flares at that point will hit Earth directly.’

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Supermoon – Greg Pletzke Nevada US 22 July 2013.

We also have a full moon for 22 July.  ‘This July 2013 supermoon isn’t as “super” as the supermoon in June 2013. In other words, it isn’t as close to Earth at the exact time of being full. As always, this July, although the full moon comes at the same instant for everyone worldwide, the clock reads differently according to time zone. The crest of the moon’s full phase comes at 1816 UTC on July 22, 2013. In the United States, that means the July full moon will occur on July 22 at 2:16 p.m. Eastern Daylight Time.’

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