Cameron Hypocracy Over Pornography

David Cameron makes a play at tackling pornography but is not going to support the XXX Internet sites for adult material and is not mentioning the Dark Web where most of this stuff currently lurks.  Cameron has failed to tackle child porn at Oxford and Cherwell Valley College just up the road in his own constituency.  Fail.

See UK Column 22 July 2013 for full story.

Well NLAT what does ‘The Flock’ think?

S1:  ‘It’s completely impractical from a technical level. The only way you will ever do this is to get all adult content into a .XXX domain and blanket filter that.’  Our ITEC Sheep.

S2:  ‘It’s a political sideline. It’s all spin.  It’s about finding ways to stop people from uniting against the government.’  Our Conspiracist Sheep.

S3:  ‘Just another product from Cameron’s ‘Crazy Ideas Machine’ that’s in his loft!!’  Our Sheep who writes children’s novels..

Retired police officers are coming forward with stories of cover-ups.

GovWatch:  Notice that NSPCC Logo.  This group has been criticised by abuse investigators and of course in the shadow of Esther Rantzen who is heavily compromised re child abuse.  Dirtbag Mandelson (Feltching Fame) is also heavily involved with this org.

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