Tory MPs Attempt To Smear Andy Burnham But With Limited Success

Green Benches raised the issue of the attempted framing of Andy Brunham by ConDems asking that it be passed on.

‘The publication of a review of high mortality rates at the 14 NHS Trusts, is likely to intensify a political row. Mr Burnham hits back in an article for the Telegraph website and claims the Conservatives must also accept some responsibility. He says that warnings he left when leaving office were not heeded. The row appears to mark an end to a fragile truce over poor hospital care. Following the mid-Staffs scandal, the Prime Minister did not seek to blame Mr Burnham.’

Comment:  SchoolSwat saysProf Sir Brian Jarman, of Imperial College London, who compiles mortality statistics, said yesterday that he had written to Mr Burnham, then still in office, in March 2010″ 

March 2010?

And the election…May 2010.

Burnham is on record this morning that:

“I immediately referred it to the independent regulator and within a matter of weeks a number of the hospitals on this list were registered with conditions which, in effect, means a formal warning was put in place on those hospitals”

So what happened to those warnings after the election?

That was three years ago.

Spinning that this is all down to Burnham just isn’t on really.

Burnham – 2 months
Lansley/Hunt – 3 years.’

nhs row

Bruce Keogh NHS Medical Director – apologizes to Andy Burnham for Tory smears.

‘The medical director of the NHS, Sir Bruce Keogh, has privately apologised to the shadow health secretary, Andy Burnham, over the Tories’ “political operation” to use his report into the death rates at 14 hospital trusts as an attack on Labour’s record.

Keogh told Burnham that he was sorry about the smear campaign led by Conservative MPs and officials in the days immediately before and after publication of his report.’


Baroness Young – Labour Peer – reacts with furious letter to Cameron.

Smear Campaign exposed

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