Lauryn Hill VRS Beyonce

Lauryn Hill

Lauryn Hill

Part 1

Growing up with creativity –

2013 sent to prison 3 months for Tax Evasion? – with follow-up home-confinement and counseling for her mental health (re: her “conspiracy theory” rants)???

Her Story – ‘One star (Lauryn) proved a lyrical genius – rapping and crooning on politics, love, religion, and the resistance of corporate media – while the other (Beyonce) preferred more superficial fanfare concerning clubbing, looking fabulous, and having her own money to spend as she fends off heartaches and trifling lovers, while occasionally championing women’s empowerment.  One star refused the pop-culture make-over, preferring instead to rock her natural hair and bask in her dark-skinned beauty, while the other has made a signature look out of blond weaves and other variations on white beauty standards that her light-skinned beauty can more easily appropriate.

‘And then there’s the contrast in their personal choices: Ms. Hill eschewed the music industry and traditional marriage to produce six children with long-time partner Rohan Marley, while Beyoncé experienced a meteoric rise on the pop scene and adhered to the traditional standards of marriage and motherhood, when partnering with Shawn “Jay Z” Carter and becoming a mother to a young daughter, Blue Ivy.’

‘Speaking about “Nothing Even Matters”‘ lyrics, (The song was inspired by Hill’s relationship with Rohan Marley) Hill remarked “I wanted to make a love song, á la Roberta Flack & Donny Hathaway, and give people a humanistic approach to love again without all the physicality and overt sexuality.”[32] “To Zion,” among the more introspective tracks on the album, spoke about how Hill’s family comes before her career[33] and her decision to have her first child, even though many at the time encouraged her to abort this pregnancy, as to not conflict with her blossoming career.’

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