Jeremy Hunt Wobbles At Dispatch Box 11 July 2013 Over A&E Closure Announcemnts

Thursday 11 July 2013

Hunt Wobbles 11 July 2013

Hunt wobbles 11 July 2013.

‘Sadly for les incompetents in the Tory briefing machine, the week prior to the publication of the Keogh Review proved to be rather uncomfortable. First, a shame-faced Secretary of State shook at the dispatch box as he tried to sneak out ward closures, including the A&E at Trafford General Hospital – the birthplace of the NHS – without telling any of the local MPs affected. The ineffective Jeremy Hunt was giving a ‘doing’ as his mendacity was exposed.’

B Sky B Accusations Like Murder I didn’t Commit – J Hunt –  GovWatch Hunt could do Evita  not quite Julie Covington but femme enough to carry it off – ‘Please cry for me oh my people.  The truth is I did tell those lies.  All through those texts I sent, my mad NY trips, I kept on shafting you, But please don’t hurt me.  Have I said too much?  There’s nothing more I can say to you now but every word I say IS TRUE… Sob Sob Sob……’

Telegraph Comment:  ‘Oh come on sunshine an independent report said your publicly funded office was like a branch of ‘News International’. You should have been fired but Cameron knew that if you went it left him exposed.’

Larreene says:  ‘Oh come on are we expected to have a Pity Party for him?’

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