On Thursday the ConDems Sold NHS Owned Blood Plasma Company To US Private Equity Outfit ‘Bain Capital’

My it’s hot.  Wonder if ‘The Flock’ at NLAT have had a ‘dip’.  Yep that wet wool smell permeates the watering hole.

Illustration by Belle Mellor 1907

‘Blood Bank’ by Belle Mellor.

‘The symbolism runs deep into the veins of the NHS. The government on Thursday sold off the NHS-owned company supplying safe blood plasma on which thousands depend. It was sold to a US private equity firm with a reputation for aggressive asset-stripping. Bain Capital owns Burger King, Domino’s Pizza, Dunkin’ Donuts and much else. Its predatory history dogged Bain’s founder, Mitt Romney, throughout the US election.’

What was that Larry?  ‘Re-nationalisation without compensation. The only way to stop the Tories selling off everything to their mates.
Do not donate blood to these vampires!’

WOW Larry.  Hold on, can I get you something?  Quick where’s the AMT Larry’s blowin a fuse here!  NLAT quick.  He’s foaming.  Larry cool off.  Blood pressure Larry – remember.  WHOOPS said the wrong thing.  He’s off again!  Larry put down that poker.  Larry put it down.  Larry don’t!  Larry step away from that framed photo of the ConDem Cabinet now.  Larry ………


GovWatch:  Larry’s right.  Tell ’em what you think of ’em.

S1:  ‘When are we gonna stop this happening?? Quit the moaning, quit the wishing it wasn’t really there. Let’s get out on strike.  OUT! OUT! OUT!

I will arrange the marches myself if you want me to. DO IT!’

S2:  ‘The French solution – is ‘la guillotine’, or spraying their offices in pig shit?  Either way, I’m with you.’

S3:  ‘The Tories have always known how to do this stuff better than Labour. The Winter of Discontent has transferred into modern myth of dead bodies in the streets and rubbish as high as buildings.

Recently though with Lansley in office they got a kicking form ordinary people and professional bodies. Yet they still managed to achieve what they set out to get what they wanted with the help of the Liberal Demorats.

They sat down with lobbyists, US healthcare companies, MPs and donors, and come up with a plan – destroy Labour’s record including attacking Andy Burnham who they see as a strong voice, privatise on the quiet and use problems in the NHS, many happening under the Tories watch to open wounds in the NHS and let it bleed.’

S4:  ‘It’s been sold for just £200 million. Surely the NHS pays at least that much a year for the blood service? How much will we be paying Bain for this and how quickly will they be recouping their tiny outlay?’

David Owen apparently wrote to Cameron about the plans in March.  http://www.opendemocracy.net/ournhs/lucy-reynolds/selling-our-safety-to-highest-bidder-privatisation-of-plasma-resources-uk

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