Ishtar’s Gate Has Found a Good Video About the ‘Bradbury Pound’

‘According to the Office of National Statistics, the wealth of this nation, based on its assets, is around £20 trillion. The proposed Bradbury Pound would be based on those real assets, and not on a fictional debt of funny money, otherwise known as fiat currency. This would not be a debt-based currency, but real money for real goods. Mike, the economist at UK Column, has created this excellent six minutes-or-so video in which he explains it, in simple terms. The only downside, and why our leaders won’t adopt it, it seems, is because it won’t allow them to profit from war.’

ConDem Borrowing Going Up not Down

ConDem Borrowing is Going Up not Down.

7th August 2014 is the Bradbury’s Centenary..

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2 Responses to Ishtar’s Gate Has Found a Good Video About the ‘Bradbury Pound’

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