Human Rights Lawyer Barbara Hewson Defends Her Spiked Article On Channel 4

Human rights barrister Barbara Hewson’s decision to write an article for Spiked magazine arguing, amongst other things, that the age of consent should be lowered to 13 caused outrage when it was published in May.’

Following article includes Video footage of Hewson on Ch4 with Christian Guru Murphy.

Comment:  ‘With friends for some dinner,
our children (all under 13 ATM) were making noise and having fun outside.
The thought of someone stealing there innocence has changed the mood.

the women have all gone uber militant, and us guys are simply in shock.

when the fuck are we taking this country back ?’

GovWatch:  I’m afraid Ms Hewson is mistaken when she suggests that Satanic Abuse is in the same Conspiracy realm as Alien Abduction.  AA was a program used to obtain unwitting individuals for medical experimentation by the ptb which was disguised under the realms of ‘little grey men’ whereas the Satanic Arts have been with mankind from the very beginning.

Blogger Comment 9 June 2013 :  If Blair can be a “Peace Envoy”

and Miss Twisted a lawyer on “Human Rights”

Anything is possible

Matthew Sheridan:  ‘1 percent of the population are psychopathic. ‘ Ms Hewson probably fits that pattern.  She’s manipulating a serious issue into a Media Sideshow meanwhile getting publicity for herself.  She has also probably been sent out by the ptb to ‘manage’ the anger of the 99% about the recent Tia Sharp and April Jones murders.

In addition, Ms Hewson probably has low empathy for children or even her clients seeking her help.  It’s ‘just business’ – same as Blair and his … ‘cough’ … ‘humanitarianism’.

QUOTE  If you don’t burn and I don’t burn, how can we bring darkness to light? UNQUOTE

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