MPs Are Claiming Travel Expenses For Their Children

Poor over-burdened Tax Payers!  Not only do we pay for and raise our own kids but we pay for and raise those of UK MPs!  Whatever next?  NLAT please my blood pressure!

At least nine Government ministers have registered to benefit, Ipsa has disclosed.  Some MPs have made more than £10,000 on the scheme.  Such a perk would not be available in the private sector and will add to the debate over the pay and perks packages of MPs.

Laura Perrins Barrister and Mum

Laura Perrins Barrister and a Mum.

Laura Perrins, a barrister turned stay-at-home mother who confronted Nick Clegg live on the Nick Ferrari radio show in March this year over the Coalition’s benefit changes, said it was unfair that MPs were getting a pay rise.’  Laura doesn’t qualify for Child Benefit under the new rules and doesn’t qualify for childcare subsidies either.

Laura had written a piece on ConservativeHomeBlog

but by inadvertently turning to Nick Ferrari for assistance she brought the ConDem Gov’s crassness onto the front pages of the DM.  Well done Laura! (21 March 2013)

Presenter Nick Ferrari said Mrs Perrins, had left him a message to say: ‘I would just ask him to look at the OECD report again and think about the impact that these policies are having on families up and down Britain.’

The OECD study found the average UK family with one working parent and two children lost 27.9 per cent of their wages in tax in 2012, compared with 26.2 per cent in 2009, before the Coalition was elected.  The international average is 26.1 per cent.

Guardian says up until the recent ‘stay-at-home Laura’s Episode’ on Nick Ferrari, it has been hard-working hacks who have tried to sort out the matter of these ‘new childcare subsidies.’

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