Inflated Bonuses Bloated Pension Pots and Higher Pay For Those Who Can Demonstrate Mediocrity or Failure ‘On The Job’

3 July 2013

‘A STAGGERING 85 per cent of Brits say MPs should NOT receive a £10,000-a-year pay rise.’



July 3 2013 – ‘A political drive to extend the EU bonus cap beyond the banking sector was stopped in its tracks on Wednesday.’  Green MEP and a shadow draftsman Sven Giegold (Germany) welcomed the increased amount of guaranteed deposits, and the obligation of banks to have ex-ante capital financing for 1.5% of the guaranteed deposits.

‘Embattled NHS boss Sir David Nicholson plans to retire next year, with a pension pot worth almost £1.9 million.’

Parliamentary Report on UK Banks

Parliamentary Report on UK Banks June 2013.

‘There have been many angry questions about former RBS chief executive Sir Fred Goodwin’s now infamous £700,000 pension. Was it “discretionary”? If so, why did the RBS board agree to such a large pay-off?’  RBS paid £785 million in bonuses in 2011.

The Slog pointed out that Blair is still feted even though he wasted Billions in tax revenue on that illegal Iraq war and should have had his collar felt by now.

This is UK senior management in 2013 in the midst of this ‘Austerity B*******,’ still pulling over inflated salaries and gold-plated pensions while telling their staff to work harder for less and pay more into the work pension pot.  These payments are in order to secure those already on the gravy train not the workers’ retirement btw. These ‘troughers’ also have no qualms about telling the unemployed to tighten their belts and ‘shame on them for using food banks instead of supermarkets’.  The over entitled in this country have never been so morally bankrupt.

Erm What was that NLAT?  Oh I see‘Moira Wallace, the former permanent secretary at the Energy Department, was handed an exit pay-out worth £472,000 amid suggestions she left after clashing with Ed Davey, the Energy Secretary.’

Erm – 03 July 2013

BBC payoffs: MP calls for fraud inquiry — £60 million in senior executive pay-offs £28 million in gagging orders to suppress truth, paedophiles and abusers running amok unfettered for decades and news reporting that is so biased you would be better informed reading the back of a cornflake packet…
Tory MP Rob Wilson has written to Amyas Morse, head of the National Audit Office, to examine whether any criminal offences took place at the BBC in the light of its damning report into the corporation’s £60m redundancy payouts to senior executives over the past eight years.

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