People Flocking To Food Banks Are Not Victims Of ConDem Benefits Changes Says Freud


Lord Fraud erm I mean Freud.

‘Lord Freud, a Work and Pensions minister, insisted that the recent sharp increase in people resorting to food handouts to feed their families was not necessarily linked to benefits sanctions or delays. He suggested more people were taking charity food because more food banks existed – and he prompted Opposition jeers in the Lords when he denied they were effectively a part of the welfare system.’

‘Freuderbirds are go’ – The Slog

Well moseying on up to Top Paddock and what do I find?  ‘The Flock’ ruminating about Freud’s poor eyesight.  Why can’t he see….?  NLAT with lapel microphone, LCD projector and infrared pointer is orchestrating the meeting.  ‘Lord of all Vermin’ caption slides away to be replaced by a neat ‘Food Banks Usage Graph.’ Larrene peers through bifocals. Various murmurings can be deciphered from behind the general hum and clatter of the venue.


Inflation in price of food.

S1:  ‘He can’t see it because he is a right-winger and they are all on a sliding scale of psychopathy which is manifests itself with a total inability to feel empathy and appreciate cause and effect’



S2:  ‘He is commenting on something that he obviously knows nothing about ! you can’t just’ go and call in on the local foodbank’ to see what’s on offer, you have to be referred by a social worker, or Jobcentre staff etc.’

S3:  ‘Because he’s blinded by wealth and arrogance!! Just like the rest of his Draconian Tory Bum Chums!!’  OOher Larry That’s rude but I like it.

S4:  ‘It’s all about spending.   They want your money – the tax. Come on folks how often do you see reduced food these days? Rarely…. the reason is due to accounting practices. It’s worth more to them to throw it away than to sell it to you cheap. Ahhh wastage ……. Well we do, don’t we.  For every 3 chickens on the shelf only one is eaten. We are producing about a 3rd more food than is required for the overall population of the earth and yet people are starving. Do we need GM? No. We need to be practical and share; yes share. You know that thing you teach your children to do – but then don’t do it once grown?’  Larrene!  Hi.  How’s that Degree in Farm Economics going??

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