Blair The ‘Peace Envoy’ Issues War Cry Over Syria And Iran


Blair Bliar Courtesy SWC.

‘Whenever the Quartet’s ‘Peace Envoy’ Tony Blair makes any pronouncement on the great issues in the Middle East, you can always guarantee that the missile silos are being readied for action. 

Last week Blair took time out from his unctuous tribute to Shimon Peres to call for the establishment of no-fly zones over Syria in order to avoid ‘catastrophic consequences.’

  • “We have to be prepared to be strong in defence of our values. It is why Iran’s nuclear weapons ambitions and export of terrorism round the region are a threat. We must be determined to confront and overcome that threat. Those that truly hold the power in Tehran must know of our determination and feel its vigour.  Of course any choice involving military action is fraught. No one wants it. But a nuclear armed Iran is the worst choice and we shouldn’t make it.”

‘These are not thoughts or analysis, because Blair does not think or analyse; he only ever utters militarist slogans.  His pious insistence that ‘ no one wants’ military action is a lie, because the mindless and unrelenting promotion of war and violence is precisely what has earned this vacuous shill the wealth and prestige that he possesses.’

GovWatch:  Such a ‘fakir’.  Did I spell that right?  Get that Psychopathic B****** to the Hague or sectioned for ‘thoughts against humanity’.

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