Lewisham Mounts Legal Challenge To Jeremy Hunt 2 July 2013

Hunt Lewisham Legal Challenge

Lewisham legal challenge to Jeremy Hunt
2 to 4 July 2013.

‘Our legal challenge
Our judicial review will take place on 2-4 July 2013.

We’ve raised the £20,000 for our legal fund- huge thanks to all of you, to 38 Degrees and Millwall Football Club

Support at the High Court
We need people from the community to attend the hearing each day July 2-4 and to be there at the beginning on the morning of July 2nd.

Dagmar dagmarkattler@yahoo.com to sign up. ‘ 

The hearing takes place at the High Court, Strand, London WC1. It is near Aldwych. The nearest station is Charing Cross or you can take the number 172 bus to Aldwych.   Here is a link to it.

Each day starts at 9.30 and finishes around 4.30. There is usually a lunch break.  Come earlier on the Tuesday at round 9am, as we wish to have a bit of a ‘rally’ outside, when the hearing starts.


Justice for Lewisham 29 June to 5 July 2013 – http://www.andyworthington.co.uk/2013/06/23/save-lewisham-hospital-please-get-involved-in-justice-for-lewisham-week-june-29-to-july-5-2013/





NHSworker 14/06/2013

NEWS: Mid Staffs Trust Special Administrator asks for more time.

Having advertised timetable, public consultation meetings, venues, times etc starting next week and the weeks after – now it’s all apparently cancelled. Will ask (and is entitled so to do) for another month to write the plan and an extra 10 days for the public consultation.

What does this mean?

  • The plan is so devastating to local services that they need more time to make the process watertight?  After yesterday’s children’s cardiac surgery announcement (the public haven’t been listened to etc) they realise they couldn’t possibly claim to have listened to the public and need to change the plan?
  • They’ve suddenly realised, given the information coming out about the effect of A&E closures, that the claims of what other potential providers can do for a distant population might be cobblers? 
  • A last-minute bid from Keiser Permanente or Virgin Healthcare has arrived?
  • Mr Hunt realises he’s being found out and has suggested, all of a sudden, that they act sensibly?
  • Somebody has lost the computer with the plan on it?
  • £2.5m (+£2m for the CPT report by the same company) seems inadequate for all their trouble so they want to string it out a bit?
  • They’ve got the jitters when they read the Lewisham legal challenge?


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