Aero Toxic Syndrome Featured At UK Column Today

Len Lawrence Pilot In Derriford Hospital

Len Lawrence Pilot in Derriford Hospital.

27 June 2013

Len Lawrence is a whistleblowing former pilot who was forcibly medicated because he had knowledge that the authorities didn’t want ‘in the public domain’.  It’s a form of trauma to weaken a person’s defences.  Then the person’s rights are given to a ‘third party’ so that the case can then be ‘thrown’.  It is alleged that some of his assets went missing during the time he was under ‘guardianship’ of the legal services.  It has now been proved that he had a physical not mental ailment.

Sarah McKenzie Ross has had pressure put on her because she has backed this particular investigation which is looking into inhalation of toxins during flight in aircraft which can cause serious illness.

Kendall House mentioned –

Senior pilot from another airline confirmed that noxious fumes are sometimes present in airflow systems.

Re-visit Cranfield Investigation where someone was ‘sacked’ for telling the truth.

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