The Further Machinations Of the Developing UK Stazi Culture

Spy Network

Surveillance Network UK.

Quisling Brainwash Network

Quisling Brainwashing Network UK.

TETRA System worn by Police might be implicated in the increase of cancers in neck and head area.  Same problem as that of too much mobile phone use.

The diagram on the left sets out the various organisations that are collecting information on citizens.  Even children are being involved in information gathering against adults.

The diagram on the right expands further and shows the network involved in the brainwashing of the population in order to make acceptance of the trampling on basic citizen rights of the population easier.

Finally, an X Hertfordshire Officer Dave Eden, is working towards the establishment of an Association for Alternative Media Technicians so that they can be properly trained on how to successfully document incidents on behalf of others who are encountering unlawful actions by various government based agencies.

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