Owen Paterson GM and Rothampstead Research Harpenden

Owen Paterson visits Rothampstead Research Harpenden to announce that the UK will be wedded to GM Food production.  Purple tie again!


Owen Paterson just LURVES GM.

20 June 2013

“If we use cultivated land more efficiently, we could free up space for biodiversity, nature and wilderness. Research undertaken by a team at Rockefeller University has found that over the course of the next 50 years, new technology, combined with improved agricultural practices across the world, could release an area 2.5 times the size of France from cultivation,” he will say.” 

GovWatch: Who needs to free up this land to wilderness?  Oh it’s part of the Agenda.  Really the ‘Vampyre Elite’ to borrow a term from Mr Kollerstrom, ache to return Earth to a wilderness inhabited by themselves with a few humans left to service their needs.  This is an unrealistic dream that they have perpetuated for too long!

In reality, the more folk who get a chance to interact with nature on a plot of land, the better mental health the population will enjoy.

Comment from One of ‘The Flock’: ‘If you play with the genetic make up of the food chain, you simply contaminate every other link.  GM crops have already made nature produce super weeds.  In tests animals have rejected GM corn for it’s natural alternative.  Last but not least, there’s a hell of a lot of money, in owning the worlds crop supply.  Every creature has to eat!’

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