Those Papal Knights – Erm Murdoch a Papal Knight?

Savile, Murdoch, Roy Disney, Bob Hope were given Papal Knighthoods.  Murdoch has just filed for ANOTHER divorce.  I thought marriage was sacred in the Catholic Church.  Don’t you have to get a special papal dispensation to divorce?

However I am stold that ‘The Papal Knighthood is given to those who are very high up in the paedophile ring/mafia. Top controllers who exert a great deal of influence over a great number of people, consciously & subconsciously. Untouchable. Well-protected by MI5/MI6/ Mossad/ CIA etc’

Kinda glad I didn’t end up a Catholic.  The congregation are sanctioning all this in a way.

Leah McGrath Goodman 2013

Leah McGrath Goodman in Jersey recently.

Meanwhile Jersey Blogger VoiceForChildren finds Leah McGrath Goodman in Jersey.


Interview –


Residents at the children’s home in the 1940s. One told the BBC the superintendent always carried a cane, and used it frequently.

Ms Goodman hopes this time that Jersey can ‘face the music’ regarding Haut de la Garenne and that those who were responsible for abuse of children there can finally be named and then the victims can find closure rather than be sent to yet more psychiatry.  The perps are the ones in need of psychiatry not the poor victims.

Some of these children were shipped there from their home towns on mainland UK.

As Ms Goodman rightly points out, Jersey’s image is suffering all the time this thing drags on.


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