Champneys Health Spa, Waddesdon Manor and Grove Hotel

Champneys Spa Wigginton Herts

Champneys Spa Wigginton Herts.

Just noticed the proximity of Champneys in Wigginton (Cherie Blair, Frank Bruno and Keith Vaz all connected) with Waddesdon Manor and The Grove near Abbots Langley.

Would have been quite convenient for the recent ‘Bilderberg Blowout’ at The Grove Hotel.

Another ‘watcher’ noticed the similarity between the security set-up for G8 2013 at Loch Erne, Enniskillen and that for BBerg at The Grove recently.  Speaking of which, OrganisedRage produced a very decent critique of that recent event plus a comprehensive list of those who attended.

What is it about Golf and Fishing?  With Golf the swing is the same as for swiping off a head?  Fishing is that process of ‘luring’ an unsuspecting creature onto a deadly hook?  Psychopaths all right!

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