WatchingA4E Reports In March That IDS’s Knitting Is Unravelling

IDS £53 a Week

IDS – It’s a tough life bashing the poor and needy.

IDS appears to have dropped several stitches during the grand Tory knit-a-thon which was designed to create a new garment to be worn by UK Society.

Not only that, but the pattern has proved to be more complex than first expected so much so that there has been some unravelling and re-knitting but the garment so far is oddly shaped and still full of holes.

Various knitting ‘experts’ have been advising but it seems he spilt his gin and ruined the original pattern.  Further problems for IDS now, as the copy of the pattern was apparently altered by some pranksters from Leeds Council and Frank Field MP.  Non-knitters such as David Orr who are however garment-wearers, have come forward to tell IDS they think the garment is ‘not fit for purpose‘.  Oh Dear.

The Pattern is in the form of a Spreadsheeted JCP League Table or ‘Scoreboard’ with Red and Green arrows on it.  Walthamstow Job Centre is “95th in the league table”OOwer never seen that before in knitting patternry.  Givus a look Lord Freud.

Meanwhile FibDem Chief Spider Nick Clegg spins away in the background creating a giant web to bind and bring down the Tories and UK freedoms all in one sticky, deadly ball.

Ashton-under-Lyne will be the first Jobcentre to accept claims for Universal Credit from 29 April. Wigan, Warrington and Oldham jobcentres will first trial the new claimant commitment and will take claims for Universal Credit beginning in July, informed by the early testing in Ashton-under-Lyne.’

Guardian Friday 29 March 2013 20.59 GMT

Freud’s Fraud

Gary Kempston

Graphic Gary Kempston – Guardian.

‘David Freud asserted to the House of Lords that there is no clear trend in the proportion of the caseload of jobseeker’s allowance claimants which receives sanctions (Lords reject inquiry into whether jobcentres have sanctions targets, 26 March). He claimed that “prior to 2007, the rate was running at around 4% and has since fluctuated between 3%-5%”.

It would be a pity if the user-unfriendly nature of the web “Tabtool” by which the DWP publishes the relevant statistics were to allow Freud to get away with this gross misstatement. From 2000 until the end of 2006, the proportion of JSA claimants sanctioned each month ran at a fairly constant 2%, not 4%. After John Hutton was moved in as secretary of state to “toughen” the regime, there was a rise to around 3% by late 2007. James Purnell’s tenure, which featured a sanctions review by Paul Gregg, saw a fall back to below 2% by early 2009. The last Labour secretary, Yvette Cooper, presided over a renewed rise but only to about 3%. Across all 121 months of Labour governments from April 2000, when the current statistics began, the monthly average was 2.6%.

The coalition’s monthly average to October 2012 has been 4.2%. This will be revised upwards when the jobseeker’s (back to work schemes) bill releases cases “stockpiled” since the Reilly-Wilson (Poundland) judgment of August 2012. The coalition’s figures were also temporarily held down by the transfer of responsibility for initiating work programme sanctions to private contractors in summer 2011. Overall, therefore, the coalition government has shifted monthly sanctions to a level more than 60% above that of its predecessor.

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