Ken Clarke Is Twitter Sensation

Ken Clark Twitter Sensation

Ken Clarke Twitter Sensation

ken clarke Twitter 2

Ken Clarke Twitter 2

Ben Fellows exposed G4S and Olympics in 2012.

He then wrote about being a child actor after the Savile story came out.

He was on The Cook Report trying to expose Cash for Questions.

Paying Ian Greer in his office and Ken Clarke was there in 1994.  Everything had been recorded.  Then the tapes ‘disappeared’ when Carlton ‘bought’ the Brimingham company.  He then had visitations from the police at his home.  Fairbridge police later said they couldn’t just go to Ken Clarke and the tapes were in the hands of a Carlton lawyer.  Investigation is a sham.

Ken Clarke Twitter 3

Ken Clarke Twitter 3.

He then spoke at UK Column Conference at The Tabernacle in Nottinghill in London.  A police officer told Ben on that day that people were ‘very angry’ and he now needed an ‘exit strategy’.  There is no law in the UK as the police won’t investigate this.  The Express has been nobbled as they were going to run the story.  Ben Fellow’s name has been D-noticed.

Julia Fellows

Ben Fellows on UK Column 25 October 2012

clarke 2

Clarke pic Courtesy The Tap.

The Tap speaks on the matter-

Formerly in command of MI5, a senior member of the Bilderberg Group.  He gave Jimmy Savile permission to reside in hospitals and mental institutions where he had easy access to child victims, from where he could procure.  After getting away with who knows what for so long, Clarke is not in a mood to be interviewed by the Police.  The Police are too frightened to even ask him questions about the allegations he faces.

This is Britain’s Justice Minister, so powerful that he can command the Police to ignore the law, and then act above and beyond it.  He has issued D Notices and is now removing witnesses.  Earlier David Cameron was involved in destroying evidence.

I have a message to send to the ‘Justice’ Minister, Ken Clarke.  It is very simple, and it needs to echo across the land, at the Bilderberg demonstrations, in football stadiums, outside Parliament, everywhere and anywhere that British people wish to make a statement that theirs is a land where the law cannot be supervised by a criminal who refuses to be interviewed by the Police, and face charges.’

This is now breaking in the US.

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