Join UNITE’s Hunt For Hunt 15 June 2013


UNITE – the Hunter.

UNITE together with the Save Lewisham Hospital Campaign are planning a search (Hunting actually but we don’t use horses) in Surrey South West for local Mp and Secretary of State for Health Jeremy Hunt..

Saddle up FolksFirst item to Kick off this year’s ‘Miscreant-Hunting’ Summer Season:

UNITE have laid on 4 coaches departing from 3 parts of London

Coach 1 & 2 from South London

Assemble 8.30 at the Ramp leading up to Lewisham Station

Coach 3 from West London

Assemble 8.15 outside  LatymerUpperSchool, King StreetHammersmith, W6 9LR Going on to assemble 9 am at the Corner of Longfield Avenue and Gordon Road, Ealing,W5. Going on to assemble 9 45 am Main Entrance Kingston University, Penrhyn Road, Kingston KT1 2EE.

Coach 4 from North London

Assemble 8.15 at Unite Offices 218 Green Lanes N4 2HB

Jeremy Hunt Patients - photo for 'the boss'.

The Hunted – Jeremy Hunt Patients – photo for ‘the boss’.  Just check out that poseSavilesque or what!  In Plain Sight.  Er Savile is back with us?  Gross.

How to get tickets:Tickets are free to Unite members. Unwaged may be asked for a £5 refundable deposit to reserve a seat, which will be given back on the coach. Those who are not Unite member and are waged will be asked to make a £5 contribution to the printing and publicity costs which the Lewisham campaign have incurred.  Tickets are available either from myself at  ( for North London) or from (for South and West London). If anyone has any questions please feel free to contact me on the above e mail or on 07890 762189.


GovWatch:  Is Hunt a Thelemic philosopher?  He gives an A*A* arm position here.

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