Max Clifford Is Accused Of Sending 13 Year Old Children To Stringfellows To Service Large Paedo Ring

Bill Maloney Pie & Mash Film – says Clifford sent 13 year olds to Stringfellows and plied them with alcohol and drugs there.  Afterwards they attended ‘parties’ where high level movers were in attendance including people from Mi5.  Story picked up from The Tap Blogspot.

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Rev Dave Bennett

Rev Dave Bennett at a wedding Auchen Castle Hotel.

A certain Rev Dave Bennett Gunthorpe  Notts. NG14 7EY in Ken Clarke’s constituency (Address Rushcliffe House, 17/19 Rectory Road, West Bridgford, Nottingham, NG2 6BE)  is mentioned as a procurer.

21st Century Wire

The Trouble with BBC ‘Children in Need’ Ambassador Max Clifford and Tory MP Alan Clark

You can’t bug a Bentley says Clifford


WASP writes –

Hi Tap, I have been reviewing the comments on The Net regarding the Announcement of “THE NEW SPROG”, my own view being that it is another increment to The FEUDAL SAX COBURG Gotha, BLACK NOBILITIES PARASITIC MONEY EXTRACTING MACHINERY.

This view is by no means isolated, It is slowly beginning to dawn on many that there is something seriously wrong, in our society when, people who we Elect to Represent us only support The Elite, & THE PARASITIC BANKERS,  who are  wealthy beyond all imagination. They then extract more out of us with their GANGSTER RIDDLED E.U POLICIES. THERE IS NO OPPOSITION, ONLY AN MANAGED ALTERNATIVE.  

It all filters down from peoples attitudes towards The ELITE PARASITES. If you were to ask the Majority of People why they Support Royalty & The other Parasites, I doubt if many could give a logically reasoned reply. They come out with the usual drival of being a major source of Revenue from Tourists, they are Special  People & need to be respected, another complete Load of Bollocks. If anyone comes out with that ‘TOMMY ROT’ Quote Feinman to them. ” The Only Thing That Makes People Socially Different, Is the ‘Hats They Wear’. Because All Humans Possess The Same Biological Functions, & Requirements” I would presume they do not possess 12 STRAND DNA?


 In reply @ Anon 6.43PM Interesting But I wouldn’t say 50/50, that only applies where no BIAS Exists, you can bet your Bottom $ this ‘Ain’t Gonna be Anything Like A Natural Event’, & as you say The Technology Is Out There.

 You can also be fairly certain that they will want to Justify their New Ruling, “FIRST ONE OUT GET’S THE COOKIES” so odds on it will be a girl.

The Reality of it is we have another “FEUDAL PARASITE TO SUPPORT” who will never work, because there is no way THE BLACK NOBILITY EVER FINANCE THEMSELVES.

When have they ever done that? 

 The Worlds Greatest OPIUM PURVEYOR VICTORIA R. saw People Starve & Put into Work Houses, whist she was hopping in & out of bed with John Brown & others, using Drugs on a Regular Basis & Stashing her ill gotten gains away in Off Shore Accounts, Making even more money by Waging Illegal Wars All Over The World.

This Despicable Apology For A Human Being, is Still Held with  Great Reverence, in Many Peoples Minds. WHY?  HER GENERAL TERM FOR THE POPULACE WAS “RABBLE” One of her many crimes was the mass Genocide by Starvation of over 20,000,000 Indians, No wonder they kicked the Illuminati out

Nothing Changes, were now being subjected to AGENDA 21, via CHEM TRAILS, & GM etc.

 REVIEW of DOPE, INC & Downloadable Link

 Dope IncThe Book That Still DrivesBritish Royals Mad, Is Back

by Jeffrey Steinberg

 Dope, Inc.: Britain’s Opium War Against the World

 For the first time since 1992, the underground bestseller book by the Editors ofExecutive Intelligence Review, that tore the lid off of the British Monarchy’s control over the world illicit dope trade, Dope, back in print. Progressive Press has published a limited run edition of an expanded Dope, Inc., first published in 1978, updating the long and sordid tale of London’s top-down control of the trillion-dollar-a-year illegal dope trade, through 2009. This updated edition details the global explosion of heroin and opium from an Afghanistan ravaged by a British-engineered Thirty Years War…..

 Perfect Timing

 What makes the timing of the new edition of Dope, Inc. so spectacularly precise is the onrushing final collapse of the very Inter-Alpha Group-centered global financial system of the current British Empire, that thrives on the dope revenues, as vampires thrive on human blood. The Inter-Alpha Group, since its founding in 1971, as a European-wide banking cartel run by the circles of Lord Jacob Rothschild, has been at the very center of the British monarchy’s City of London and offshore monetarist empire. At their recent peak, Inter-Alpha controlled 70% of the world’s banking assets. The trillions of dollars per year in dope money and other criminal funds, that fuel the current British Opium War against the world, constitute a vital part of that offshore system. And without the Inter-Alpha system, the trillions of narco-dollars have no where to go ……..

 What has changed – Not a lot it would appear, I would draw your attention to this  Book Commissioned by La Rouche called DOPE, INC it will enlighten you somewhat of what this lot have been up to, to Generate Such Vast Fortunes, Looking Down on Us CHAFF. I have given this Link Before but it was missed, or deactivated by someone.

 I remember when the Taliban were in Occupation of Afghanistan, they virtually Stopped The Production of Opium, so why does E2’s Sax-Cogurg  Gotha’s,  MOUTH PIECE CAMERON, & The Other Puppets Expect Us To Believe All The CRAP THEY TELL US, Supported by E2’s BBC Private Company, who we pay for, to saturate the Air Waves with PROPAGANDA I told you they never use their own money! 

 This Lot have now done their ‘Pot Full’, & there is an Awakening Taking Place. You might remember a well known Quotation from your school days By Abraham Lincoln :-

 You Can Fool, Some Of The People All Of The Time.

You Can Fool  All Of The People Some Of The Time.


 Julia likens it to a WAVE of Consciousness, My Favourite Analogy is that of a SNOW BALL ROLLING DOWN A SNOW COVERED MOUNTAIN SIDE, Eventually it will Rapidly Grow In Size, & an Valance will Ensue, The Severity of The Outcome is Dependent upon the Physical Properties of The The Snow, imperfect packing of The Xrystine Struct, can be present as a Defect which will Lead To One Hell of a Collapse. By Analogy their matrix appears to be dependent upon Ped’s, which gives it an INHERENT INSTABILITY.

 The Safety of Children Strike a Chord in most Descent People Minds, & if the Majority of us can Treat Our Children  in A Respectful Manner, & Have Due Regard for the Well Being  of Children in General Then The Least we can Demand is That a Full Investigation is Conducted & THESE PERVERTS BE ROUTED OUT, REGARDLESS OF WHO THEY ARE, This is Paramount.

HONOURS SYSTEM STINKS, in its’s present form, & has far more significance than cited in the Article, both Blair & Bush are Papal Knights, BonesMen & Hence SMOMS.

At this juncture  I would just like to add a final point concerning Max Clifford, in my opinion he does not fit the REQUIREMENTS, he is not a Knight of any Description, & hasn’t appeared to have received any Honours, where as  those closely associated with Perversions are more than likely to be represented in this category. & the High Ups are PAPAL KNIGHTS ‘SMOMS’, who I Have informed you about on Numerous Occasions. They Run The System, & Have Infinite Power, vested in them by The Pope. Max Clifford does, however, possess a great deal of information ……. As does Andrea Davison, who could “SHAFT A LOT OF PEOPLE”,. & I suspect there are many who are Teetering on The Edge of their Chairs & having many sleepless nights, what say you?”

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  1. Sahara says:

    These people are disgusting!,!!

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