Woolwich Assailant Only ‘Shot In the Foot’? DeMenezes Was Shot 7 Times In the Head!

Shot in the Foot

Shot in the Foot?

Issue No 1 – Woolwich is being ‘spun’ as the Assailant who was ‘shot’ is suddenly well enough to go to Court.  If this was a ‘Terrorist Situation’ those ‘in the know’ say he would have been shot dead.

Some sort of agenda for stirring up racial hatred seems to be in play at the moment as there was a BBC Oxford Program, running in tandum with the Woolwich Media Storm, emphasising that a paedophile ring discovered there recently was only Asian when this is quite clearly NOT the case.  The whites not ‘collared’.

Barbara Hewson Again

Ms Hewson again!


The Tap says – The programme to take control of humanity is getting clearer.  Racial tensions.  Gun seizure by the state,  and martial law.  Hardly a day goes by, without there being some new sign of what they are up to.

International wars are being brought along as best they can, yet none has broken out, bar the seizure of countries like Libya and Syria.  War is their favourite device for furthering their power over all countries, and a titanic clash with Russia or China is no doubt what they want to bring into being.  That is matched by an intention to create internal war between races and cultures within nations.  If people understand they are being manipulated to hate through false news events to fit into a totalitarian war strategy, maybe they can prevent the outbreak of the internal hostilities that the globalists need in order to justify taking total control over us all.’

Issue No 2 – Those in authority working overtime to make paedophilia acceptable.

Ms Hewson Barrister says ‘Children sometimes wish to act lewedly and should be allowed to’.  I would say they should be corrected in their views by reponsible adults and not taken advantage of by those predators.

It seems that children are being ‘groomed’ by irresponsible perverted adults against the wishes of parents.

‘Disgusting’ as Louise Collins, a parent herself, is saying.

http://www.huffingtonpost.co.uk/2013/05/10/barbara-hewson-claims-support-flooding-in_n_3251363.html  GovWatch:  Does Hewson really think a thirteen year old girl or boy would willingly make eyes at either of the two old codgers flanking her in that HuffPuff picture?

Hewson We Have a Problem

How do we tackle this multi pronged attack on our society?

Good News for Herts Police However

Hertfordshire Police are getting a big ‘thumbs up’ for their stance on trying to ensure peaceful protest during Bilderberg meeting.  Now there is a Hotel in Croydon mentioned as an alternative venue for a last minute Bilderberg ‘switcheroo’.

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1 Response to Woolwich Assailant Only ‘Shot In the Foot’? DeMenezes Was Shot 7 Times In the Head!

  1. I had thought this might be the venue initially as I live nearby and know it well. I suspect they mean the Selsdon Park Hotel which, similarly to The Grove is outside central London and set in large country-type grounds. I had thought The Grove would be more convenient as closer to Heathrow. Gatwick is the closest airport to The Selsdon Park but I think no direct flights from the US fly in or out there anymore. The airlines have all moved to Heathrow about 5 years ago.

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