Ilford Police Issue Statement About Recent Action On Homeless At Swimming Pool

Ilford Recorder not entirely happy with the amount of co-operation they have received from the police.

‘The Recorder stands by its original article, which was verified by two charity officials, with editor Chris Carter criticising the police for not clarifying the situation sooner.

“We are happy to publish the statement from Mrs Williams, but are disappointed with the poor level of communication from Redbridge police. Reporter Amanda Nunn made strenuous efforts to uncover the truth of what happened, putting an inquiry to a senior officer, but had to wait three days before a generic statement was issued.’


‘The ‘official’ statement by the police is SO full of horse shit you can fertilise a 10 acre field with it!’  GovWatch:  Oh Man quite an analogy.  BTW where’s NLAT?  Not crushed under a newspaper mountain is he?  and – How did that survey he was running go?  Pardon?  Oh the one where he was asking –

‘What kind of people do Tories hate the most?’

Traffic crashed his servers?  No … Really?  Blimey…

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