Police Swoop On Homeless In Ilford Essex

Thursday, May 23, 2013

Ilford baths Ilford Recorder.

Ilford Baths Ilford Recorder. http://www.ilfordrecorder.co.uk

‘He was sleeping with eight other people finding shelter for the night in the former Ilford Baths in High Road, Ilford.  All of their belongings were bundled into a police car leaving the men, one in his 60s, stunned.  A police chief told the Recorder the operation was carried out to “reduce the negative impact of rough sleepers”.’

GovWatch:  The Squatter Movement always worries the Power Elite.  After all THEY OWN THE PROPERTY don’t they.  That phrase ‘reduce the negative impact of rough sleepers’ is interesting.  On the one hand the Government creates the problem (including the Mandelson Social Engineering admitted to recently) and then on the other hand it tries to sweep the results of this deliberate policy ‘under the carpet’ or in this case –  into a couple of police vans.

Let’s be clear – there was a security review about the use of this EMPTY PROPERTY in 2011.  Why has it been empty all this time?  There is also a wider issue.  The amount of ’empty property’ already available versus the rhetoric about the need to build new cheap ‘boxes’ for people and the designation that the youth should be confined to small living spaces of only so many square metres.  Sounds like Communist China is advising the ConDems.


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