GPs Finding ‘Admin’ Involved With CCGs Is Affecting Their Ability To Treat Patients

A few GPs have already pulled out of involvement with their local clinical commissioning groups (CCGs) because they could not spend enough time with patients while also helping run the groups. The growing demand for GP services is also making others consider withdrawing,’

GovWatch:  The Leg was designed to make NHS Systems fail so that the private sector could ‘muscle in.’



GovWatch:  I am reminded to remind you all that the AGM of KONP will take place at  the Hinde Street Methodist Church 19 Thayer Street LONDON W1U 2QJ on Saturday 13 July 2013.

The venue is just North of Oxford Street (Oxford Circus Tube).  Catch 73 or 10 Bus from Euston and Kings CrossEmail :

Meanwhile Hunt continues to bash GPs over their Contracts which he says put undue pressure on A&E.

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