Jeremy Hunt-Bottomley Defends Feldman

What was it that Feldman said again?  ‘Swivel Eyed Loons.’  Ah yes and then Jeremy Hunt-Bottomley actually went on The Andrew Marr Show to demonstrate what a Swivel Eyed Loon would look like for the benefit of an unenlightened BBC audience.

It doesn’t matter what or when Feldman used the ‘Swivel Eyed Loon’ remark.  The ConDem Gov is totally unaccountable anyway and so no-one will actually lose anything over it except party activists and does that really matter in an Autocracy?  Not really.

Hunt on EU and NHS

What was that Sir?  ‘What a lying twat. An obsequious, oily, Machiavellian, fucktard. A corporate schill. A shifty sack of shit. An intellectual pygmy. Will that do? Ta.’

DM says Cameron used the ‘SEL’ remark on EU skeptics^headlines

Common Jeremy it’s gone into the main stream Lexicon.  Stop denying it.

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