College Of Policing Is a QUANGO Costing £57 Million And Wants To Keep Arrests Secret

£57m quango


‘THE unelected quango behind the secret arrests furore is costing taxpayers £57million a year, The Sun can reveal.   But the public gets no say as the College of Policing — which is 76 per cent Government-funded — draws up its own rules for policing.

The organisation — run by top cops — pays Chief Constable Alex Marshall £180,000 as its CEO and chairwoman Professor Shirley Pearce £57,000 for two days’ work a week.   Mr Marshall confirmed last week just £18million of its £75million costs are not taxpayer-funded, casting doubts on its independent status.

Home Secretary Theresa May vowed the college would be the “core” to improving officers’ standards before its launch in February. Members of its board are nominated by police before being signed off by the Home Office.

The college — that replaced training and development at the defunct National Policing Improvement Agency — represents officer and staff ranks.  Cops do not pay to join or train and sit exams. The college — whose other board members only get expenses — won’t issue policing licences.   The college’s website claims it is “operationally independent while still being funded by the Home Office”.

Mr Marshall said the college aims to become 51 per cent self-sustaining by 2015 — by bringing in other funding.’

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