Artist Taxi Driver Has Max Keiser In His Cab

This is not a recession its a robbery.

This is not a recession its a robbery.

Max – ‘Ken Livingstone says we should hug bankers?’  Hmmm they can’t buy love though.  Zionist epic fail there.

‘They want our public money. Privatisation of the NHS is an absolute goldmine for them.’  Moving public money into private pockets.  Mervyn King is the rapist with his QE.

Martin Wheatley is a joke.  Nationalise the banks and arrest the lot of them.

Taxi Driver – ‘Lord Green laundered money through Swiss Banks and is working with the Mexican drug cartel money for Georgie Osborne and they are chopping people’s heads off.’

Max – ‘Banksters favouring the speculators over the savers and the workers.  Apply vigilante justice.’!


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