Leon Brittan And PIE

Leon Brittan

Leon Brittan – a PIEMAN.

Years ago we watched Leon Brittan and his cohorts enjoying the gastronomic delights of an Asian Restaurant in Peter Street Soho.  We also watched his ‘Minder’ struggle uncomfortably with a plate of Singaporean Noodles as he sat next to us and nervously watched the doorway.  Little did we know way back then that Brittan was really a  PIEMAN!


Mr Dickens and Leon Brittan

Mr Dickens Con MP and Leon Brittan.

So Leon Brittan doesn’t remember being given the dossier.  Perhaps he should read this article which clearly documents that he was given the dossier.

Brittan ‘lost’ the dossier because he was so shocked by it?


John Whittingdale became Special Adviser to Leon Brittan in 1985.  Perhaps Whittingdale knows where that ‘dossier’ is.  Mr Whittingdale’s half brother is probably one of this country’s most dangerous predatory paedophiles.  Tom Watson’s source writes – ‘Charles Napier was the Treasurer of the early PIE organisation – by definition a treasurer would have a full list of all members and had responsibility for payment of subscriptions in to their account at the Midland Bank in central London. He remained central to that organisation and I had the horrendous task of sifting through a huge collection of letters he wrote over the years to fellow paedophiles which showed him to be an evil coldly calculating individual who carefully groomed very young boys before abusing them himself and then sharing them with other paedophiles.’  http://spotlightonabuse.wordpress.com/2013/02/14/peter-righton-charles-napier-david-cameron-john-whittingdale/

The French are quite shocked by news from UK recentlyhttp://google-law.blogspot.co.uk/2013/03/french-shocked-about-geoffrey-dickens.html

Comment:  “The Paedophile Information Exchange that Leon Brittion wouldn’t shut down:”


“One idea being touted … is to stage the deaths of one or more of the prominent politicians accused of raping young boys.”

“The deaths would be attributed to a ‘heart condition’ or similar, and the public wouldn’t bat an eyelid due to the age of the accused.”



17 February 2015

UKC 17 February 2015 -Police warned of Quest Brittan

UK Column 17 February 2015 – Police warned off questioning Brittan.


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