Google Zeitgeist 2013 At The Grove Watford

15 to 17 May 2013

Who went then?

‘Among those said to be talking are former US President Bill Clinton, singer Annie Lennox, Goldman Sachs’s BRICs guru Jim O’Neill, Arsenal manager Arsène Wenger and model Lily Cole. TV journalists such as the BBC’s Stephanie Flanders will compère some sessions.’

‘Google co-founder Larry Page and chairman Eric Schmidt, who fly over each year from Silicon Valley to host it.

Big Tent 22 May 2013

Big Tent 22 May 2013 – 6 triangles sigil – Yawn.

‘And again this year they’re hosting Big Tent, the big-budget sister media event at the Grove on Wednesday, with luminaries such as Jon Snow, universities minister David Willetts, Father Ted writer Graham Linehan and LSE don Damian Tambini.

The fact that Zeitgeist, now in it’s seventh year is always held here is a compliment to London.

For a company that espouses transparency, Zeitgeist is a rather ‘private affair’.

Comment:  ‘they should watch zeitgeist  addendum and free their  thinking.everyone should, but the international banking cartel would hate it    if they did.’

Zeitgeist Addendum Full Movie

Re-Googling the Proles then?

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