‘The War Of the Tories’ Coming To A Cinema Near You

The War of the Tories

The War of the Tories’ -Steve Bell Guardian.

Thanks to NLAT for the link.  Toryland erm SwiveleyeStation is in a desperate state.  Their Commander is hemorrhaging.  His moralising noiseator has angered the WarLords.  Anything could happen in the next five mins.

This gripping yarn is brought to us by MirrorMax Pictures in conjunction with TeleTale Productions and special thanks to the Key Grip – The Guardian for lighting and special effects.  Not forgetting of course IndyScripts for some of the plot writing.


One of ‘The Flock’ observes – ‘Why all the media distraction about gay marriage? It doesn’t bother me in the slightest, and strikes me as yet another attempt by the government and MSM to divert attention from the things that really matter…’  Hmm distraction from the dreadful state of the economy, the rolling of the UK population towards perpetual poverty and the destruction of the middle class…..

Paxman – ‘I heard Senior Tories Call Activists Swivel Eyed Loons’ – http://www.independent.co.uk/news/uk/politics/jeremy-paxman-reveals-he-has-heard-senior-tories-calling-activists-swiveleyed-loons-8625324.html  Isn’t that a Goveism?

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