Watford Residents React To Proposed Anti Bilderberg Festival

Morris Dancers Hastings

Militant Morris Dancers Hastings – http://www.free-events.co.uk/

A planned festival with entertainment and hospitality to counteract the ‘Bilderberg Factor’ in Watford has set off some nasty reactions from locals it seems.  A ‘farmer’ is worried about people trespassing all over his land.  A parent is worried that the whole thing will upset her kid’s GCSE Exam timetable.  Another is worried about alcohol sales and loud music disturbing the elderly residents of Nascot.  There are also Watfordians who couldn’t give a s**** about Bilderberg and others who think anyone protesting is just envious of well-earned wealth.

Brighton Festival

Brighton Monster Fringe Fest – Look out Watford – they’ll eat you alive.

One tries to point out that a festival might be fun; would be a positive focus for those who do turn up; would be a way of managing visitors because proper space would have been designated for them; past protests have led to change; etc but I fear is having limited impact.

All this prompts one to ponder why we spend valuable time trying to educate these folk.  They are so thoroughly unenlightened that they are suggesting protesters should pay a visit to North Korea.  Don’t they realise that the UK is inching towards a totalitarian state as well?

GovWatch:  Watfordians have caught all this from the Mayor who is terrified of anything ‘wild’ in nature ie anything that is not a clipped hedge.  She would never ‘take a walk on the wild side’.  She is fearful of what she might find!  She fits the Global Elite mindset to a tee.


Meanwhile, http://bilderberg2013.co.uk/ reports that ‘there will be a Press Office – hosted by the Bilderberg Welcoming Committee – located on the hotel grounds. The aim of the Press Office will be to facilitate the mainstream and alternative media in their coverage of the meeting.

The Press Office will be located in a larger Reception Zone, within the grounds of The Grove Hotel (near the hotel gates). It will provide journalists, photographers, bloggers and researchers with information on this year’s conference, and details about the delegates: including an ID service for delegate photographs.

  • Parking

    There will be parking for press and activists on the Old Hempstead Road, which runs alongside the A411. The details of the parking arrangements are still being finalized.

There will also be http://www.bilderbergfringefestival.co.uk/

‘If you are a musician, poet, artist, speaker, performer, workshop host or have a soundsystem, tent or anything else you would like to bring to the party, get in touch at:

info@bilderbergfringefestival.co.uk artists@bilderbergfringefestival.co.uk

Herts police meet a very well informed Sovereign Citizenhttp://www.youtube.com/watch?feature=player_embedded&v=UNjJe7D090E#! who tells them Dirty Bertie used to visit The Grove.

Mayor Dorothy Thornhill now says that it was the UK’s turn to host Bilderberg and that all participating countries will be putting money towards footing the bill.  It follows that the UK Tax Payer will be billed for the cost of policing the event and not Hertfordians.  Let’s keep Dorothy to that shall we?

Bilderberg Group 2013 Update – The (open) Secret Dictators of the World!


Jim Tucker – ‘I was going to check these turkeys out.’  Tucker sadly missed RIP.

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