DM Reports That Tory Disability Ministers ‘Too Busy’ To Attend Rosa Monckton’s Disability Meeting

Rosa Monckton

Princess Di’s friend Rosa Monckton.

Children’s Minister Ed Timpson agreed to spend 45 minutes at the two-hour meeting, but was forced to leave after 20 minutes because of other urgent business.’

‘His colleague Disabilities Minister Esther McVey also agreed to attend but cancelled because she had a ‘diary clash’. Yet the former breakfast TV presenter did turn up. Rosa said: ‘She swanned in a few minutes before the end, announced she wouldn’t speak because she didn’t like to shoot from the hip, and walked off at the end. It was a disgrace.’

Rosa said the parents had made complex childcare arrangements to get to the meeting and were deeply unimpressed by the ministers’ failure to listen properly. So much for the compassionate Tories.’


Esther-McVey (Page 3) Erm- Con Disability Min who only spent ten mins at the important meeting.

GovWatch – Esther McVey is Tory Crumpet and of course she shoots off but we’ll say no more about that….  Disability is a serious issue and it would be wonderful if the Tories took it seriously instead of posting these two Bozos onto it.

Thanks to NLAT for keeping me up-to-date.


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2 Responses to DM Reports That Tory Disability Ministers ‘Too Busy’ To Attend Rosa Monckton’s Disability Meeting

  1. Robert Richardson says:

    They weren’t going to Do anything about these problems anyway, so it is perhaps as well that they didn’t create false hopes by appearing more interested.

  2. Robert Richardson says:

    Full marks to Rosa btw. for taking up the fight for this sadly neglected cause. Moncktons are not afraid to take on indifferent Governments with a passion.
    It’s only a matter of time until she embarrasses them into action (or out of office), this being a somewhat illustrious beginning.

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