SKWalker At SKWAWKBOX Takes a Closer Look At Tory Rhetoric Re NHS

  • Tory: The NHS wastes millions of pounds. It’s inefficient and must be reformed. It’s, it’s… UNSUSTAINABLE!!Tory: Public services are inefficient. Private enterprise is much less wasteful. It’s all for your own good! Tough decisions! REFORM! PATIENT CHOICE!!
  • Tory: If we can’t find any figures to twist, we’ll just make some up! A million new private sector jobs! 900,000 skivers! We need a culture of compassion! Overstretched?! Nonsense!! Our doctors and nurses don’t care! People are starving to death and bodies are being dumped in piles in the corridors!! We need reform!! MID STAFFS!!!
  • Tory: We must DO something! Anything!! As long as it’s for profit!!!
  • The NHS is safe in our hands!
  • Patient choice! Personal healthcare budgets!!
  • Localism! Decentralisation! CHOICE!! Responsible to promote, not to provide!! ANYTHING as long as it means we can’t be held responsible!!!
  • Forget rail fares! Forget energy bills!! Don’t even THINK about G4S!!! Private is good. Private is better. Private is best!! It just IS!!!
  • The vast majority of British people still love the NHS – we’re doing EVERYTHING possible to change that! Aren’t we, Rupert?!! MID STAFFS!!!
  • We need you to believe us to pull off this historic demolition!!!
  • We really, REALLY need you to believe us! Read the Daily Mail! Or even better, the Telegraph!!
  • We’re actually a really, REALLY tiny group of people – but we own the press and control the BBC!! Hahahahaha!!!
  • It’s UNSUSTAINABLE, I tell you!!!!!
‘Our bunch of right-wing bandits are a little bit more subtle than their US cousins – they are Brits, after all, and we don’t really do ‘over the top’ (except Alan Rickman, wonderfully).’

Unfortunately he is Spot On.


Hi There.

Despite your comment, SKWalker is ‘on the money’.  The Tories are going all out to spin the NHS negatively.  ~Gove trying to do same with teachers – but due to FOI requests he was caught out.

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2 Responses to SKWalker At SKWAWKBOX Takes a Closer Look At Tory Rhetoric Re NHS

  1. Bob A. says:

    The Tories “own the press” ??
    And control the BBC? Is that the same BBC that employs ex – Labour MPs, is run by the Left and distorts all news in order to favour the Left?
    You MUST be joking !!!

    • mickbone63 says:

      BBC run by the left ? I never thought that The BBC Trust Chairman Lord Patten was left wing! i always thought he was an Ex Tory Party Chairman, but obviously i must be wrong, he must be a lefty, that is why we never hear on the News about court cases that Disability Groups are taking against the Government, & the privatisation of the NHS, & that is why they have always complied with Troy Party rhetoric about the Failings in the NHS & not report about the Privatisation, A&E Closures & Budget Cuts to the NHS.
      Bob A. wake up and look at the real picture not just the one you read in the Daily Hail, i just hope your health insurance can cover the cost of your new Blue Tinted Glasses.

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