Teachers Gunning For Gove


IP 90-199-201-97

Hi there.


Gove flogs left brain rote learning instead of right brain creative, critical thinking.  He is no educationist.

Michael Rosen is right to wonder at what Michael Gove fobs off as educational improvements for schools.

Those who object to such citiicism are stuck in the same time warp as Gove is.

Sidcup Art College never hurt Keith Richards did it.

Gove in Classroom – Yawn – http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1qQL5L31-1E

Which of the following is Gove

  • Mr Stupid
  • Mr Lazy
  • Mr Blinkered Idealogue
  • Mr Peter Principle
  • Mr Duckface
  • Mr Murdoch-Tapeworm
  • Mr Gradgrind
  • All of the above

Tick one box

‘I wonder if Mr Gove has ever heard the term “meta-cognition”. I wonder if he knows that people who train themselves to recall huge amounts of information, numbers, sequences etc. do so by imagining ridiculous and outrageous hooks to aid recall. Michael Gove doesn’t have to do this because he is ridiculousness and outrageousness incarnate.’


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1 Response to Teachers Gunning For Gove

  1. Bob A. says:

    Leave the man alone – unlike his boss he’s doing an excellent job!

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