Stuart Hall Story Is Being Sanitized On the Internet

Original Text:

“Then, having groomed her, she alleges, he got her drunk and started the abuse. She kept going back. His mates, including an MP who is now a Peer, she claims, helped Hall with his filthy hobby.”

It has now been changed.  Consequences discussed at The Needle Blogspot.  Hall is now the ‘patsy’ taking the heat for more well connected perps?

Father tries to tackle a potential sexual predator 

Sexual Abuse in music schools DM – – Yehudi Menuhin School

The former music director at prestigious Manchester school Chetham’s, Michael Brewer, was labelled ‘a predatory sex offender’ and was sent to prison for six years earlier this year.


Barbara-Hewson – Telegraph – Lower age of consent to 13. Paedophile.

Barbara Hewson Barrister wants age of consent lowered –

More sanitisation?

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2 Responses to Stuart Hall Story Is Being Sanitized On the Internet

  1. Dave says:

    Stuart Hall was a Labour Party member. The MP who is now a Labour Peer is Lord Pendry.

  2. knowitin mottram says:

    Check out another big mate of Pendry and Oyston,
    The notorious Council Leader for 26 years Roy Oldham otherwise know as the 3 musketeers
    socially, business partners and lewd admirers of young girls
    I jailed
    1 not yet jailed
    1 dead 2 years ago

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