Peter Spindler Finds It Too Hot In the Kitchen

Peter Spindler

Peter Spindler X Head of the Paedophile Unit.

Scotland Yard commander Peter Spindler has dramatically quit in the middle of the high-profile investigation into Jimmy Savile and other celebrities, the Sunday People reports.’  Operation YewTree.

Det Chief Supt Hamish Campbell will take over while Spindler takes up a secondment.  Campbell was in charge of the Jill Dando case.  Well, that has never had a satisfactory conclusion.  Mighty funny time to take up a secondment.  Hmmm.  Oh for goodness sakes we all know the list by now.  We’ve seen the handwritten names.

Meanwhile an officer in West Yorkshire is found dead in woods at Lofthouse.

PC Kevin Ellis, a West Yorkshire officer, was released from custody on Wednesday but it is believed he never made it home to his family. An image had been found on his computer.

BrynAlyn Victims still fighting back

Chris Spivey

Alisa17-year old Alisa Dmitrijeva found dead at Sandringham on New Year’s Day 2012 by a dog walker.

Alisa, who lived with her grandmother and had studied beauty at West Anglia College, was reported missing from her home in Wisbech, Cambridgeshire, in September 2011.

Last March, police recovered a bottle-green Lexus GS300 she was last seen in on August 31, 2011 from a Wisbech scrapyard.

She is believed to have attended a party at a beach car park in Snettisham, Norfolk, early on the same day.

AN inquest into the death of a teenager whose body was found on the Queen’s Sandringham Estate has been postponed as police continue to make inquiries.

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