The Inclosure Acts and Destruction Of The Village


Village LifeThe destruction of traditional village life.  This built the new ‘System of Control’ which has now become the preserve of the psychopath.  They don’t care about society or what happens to the individual.  Hence the commercialisation of sex and the devaluing of the moral code.  Violence versus nurture.

Transhumanism is what they are aiming for.  Killing culture.  Killing religion.  Killing family Etc.  Then The State becomes the nurturer.  People then are just Machines.  No longer abiding by Human Nature and Human Rights.  They love that ‘finger on the button’ control.  Where has all this ‘autism’ come from?  If empathy detects the predator, then the aim would be to destroy empathy?   Psychopaths are controlled by natural forces.  Spring is their time as is Autumn. Dominated by nature not working with it.  They can’t create so they are obsessed with sustainability.  Stories are always about ‘finding the cure’ – The Wicker Man.

UrbanisationHowever,the Control System is breaking down and so they keep passing MORE laws.  We have ‘Everything is illegal unless I say so.’  We don’t have a two-sided system anymore.  Sharia Law has ‘mediation’ between the perp and the victim.

The Fool brought down the King?  Hmmm Savile again…

Churches house the trappings of religion but not the trappings of the Devine.

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