Labyrinth Of The Psychopath

Puzzling PeopleLabyrinth of the Psychopath 2 – Flattery

Labyrinth of the Psychopath 3 – Grandiosity

Labyrinth of the PsychopathLabyrinth of the Psychopath 4 – “Smirking” Eyes…

Labyrinth of the Psychopath 5 – Bogus Internet Support Predators

They usually have some ‘useful idiots’ eg politians and their wives.  Pretty much all Politicos are Psychopaths.  Wooer.

Gaslighting – convincing you black is white.  Fear of Terrorists?

Labyrinth of the the Psychopath 12 – Workplace Psychopaths Enjoy Recessions

Psychopaths are obsessed with cancer for some reason.  I was wondering when this topic would come up.

Thomas Sheridan Lightworker.

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