Sean Worth Says More Public Services Should Be Privatised

Sean Worth Policy Exchange

Sean Worth Policy Exchange

This wonk has published a report which I noticed at saying we need to privatize Public Services (you mean there are some left?) and then set up elaborate online comparison sites for the General Public to use to find the best ‘provider’ who will be ‘certified as qualified’.  Lordy Lordy what a load of trash.

Worth History – ‘Worth is widely credited with devising the Tory proposal for a voluntary insurance scheme to fund long term care for the elderly. In 2010 his brief covered communication between the Department of Health and Downing Street, which according to the Health Services Journal, was likely to be aided by a good working relationship with Health Secretary Andrew Lansley’s policy adviser, Bill Morgan. Politically astute and dedicated to market ideology, it said Worth would “be relied on to push through reform if the DH stumbles”.[7] In 2011 Worth was seconded to the DoH to help Lansley with his NHS reforms.’  So that’s who wrote that 650 odd pages of largely unfathomable text called the Health and Social Welfare Bill 2012.

Worth on Newsnight June 2012 blaming Unions for resisting plans to being in Charities and Privateers to NHS  ‘Bringing the Economy back on track’?????  Look where it is almost a year after he has had the ‘reforms’ implemented!

Sean Worth Gives his 2 Cents’ Worth on Elderly Care Bill

29 April and Sean Worth appears on NLAT’s radar  It seems that the police will soon be doing ‘business’ in the Post Office according to Sean.  And where are they going to lock up the perpetrators then?  Aren’t POs being sold off?  I exect there will be more expensive ‘online ict kit‘ so that citizens can ‘surf the net’ to see which PO has the best processing times for dealing with miscreants.  As one of ‘The Flock’ observed ruefully – how much does he get paid for this stuff?  In fact I am thinking of putting in for his job.  I can do fantasy better than he can..

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