Boston Bombing And Subsequent Shootout Smalltalk

Contrib 1 -‘Come on, Sheeple! Had the suspect been named Tray D. Ranged from Oddball, Alabama, would you all be looking for a conspiracy?’

Contrib 2 – If “Tray D. Ranged” and all the aunts and uncles seemed to regularly talk to the FBI or FSB, yes I would think that suspicious.

Contrib 3 -In case you missed it up-thread what do you make of this tweet by the younger brother?

Tweet fm Boston

His tweets tended to be stream of consciousness type stuff.  He also tweeted about the bombing itself at – ending with “stay safe people”.  The “ain’t no love” bit is a “Jay Z” lyric.  He added the “stay safe people.”

Last year the only thing he seemed to be concerned about was whether the Boston Marathon was a safe place to smoke Marijuana. His opinion seemed to be that would get you busted.

Only Images you need –

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