Tory Peers try to block ‘political’ Paralympian Tanni Grey-Thompson

lord hanningfield

Well here’s one of those ‘upstanding’ Lords just recently after doing a bit of ‘bird’. Pic Telegraph.

Tory peers are trying to block one of Britain’s most decorated Paralympians, Baroness Tanni Grey-Thompson, from becoming chair of Sport England because they fear she would be “too political”.’

Well certainly Osborne is ‘terrified’ of her for starters.

Thanks to NLAT for snapping me back to ‘The Matrix’.  Sunday at ‘the desk’ and ‘The Flock’ amble up to take it in.  Facebook says 2 people ‘like’ this link.  I make it 37 so far.  Hmmm.  Still as there are roughly 64,000 of them, it seems most of them are still ‘grazing’.

Ah later in the day – Comment – ‘She didn’t go to Eton or Oxbridge, she isn’t part of the corporate oligarchy, she isn’t a chap, she’s “Er, well, er, not a walker but, er, very plucky!”, she has a mind of her own … Therefore, what else would anyone expect of Tory Peers? Useless prats.’

Comment – ‘I just love the comment she is not seen as able to run a budget of £300 million. Osborne is the chancellor and he could not budget your average household spending. Nice to know it is UNNAMED people who object.’

Comment – ‘She anti-ATOS by any chance?’

Hmmm just biding their time then….

In the words of Mr Collier ‘No Surrender’.

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