Funeral 17 April 2013 In Pictures

Funeral 17 Apr 2013

Funeral 17 Apr 2013 – Nice bit of duality – Hmmm – Dem Bells.

‘If anyone saw yesterday’s Evening Standard they would have noticed the lack of crowd shots. This is because they want you to believe that there was a huge turnout. There was no large turnout.

C4 News made a comment about this last night noting along the route the crowds were sparse. It was only at Ludgate Hill that the crowds grew, but they were severely restricted due to the narrowness of the pavements.’  Report kindly supplied by The Bullingdon Club’ on Facebook – one of ‘The Flock’ down at NLAT’s.  In case anyone is wondering, he was down there on the day and talked with Jon Snow.

Another Pundit observed that there were lots of ‘Black Suits’ behind the crowd who clapped loudly so that the crowd then followed suite.  Hmmm wonks from Millbank?  Check the BBC Broadcast –

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