Why Did Leon Brittan Relocate From Whitby to Richmond In 1983?

Leon Brittan

Leon Brittan

Tory Tory Tory Where Where Where?

‘I wonder how many readers remember that in 1983, after several years as MP for Whitby, Brittan changed his Parlimentary seat to…..Richmond.  Where the Council was already involved (it is alleged) in a racket involving peddling small children in its care to the Elm Guest House in Barnes. Such a coincidence could well prove unfortunate in the extreme for Baron Brittan, whose name seems by common consent to be on that highly circulated list of those engaged in the sort of research facilities provided by the Elm management.’  http://beforeitsnews.com/eu/2013/02/elm-guest-house-media-teeter-on-brink-of-naming-former-tory-minister-2509342.html

“On the guest list I noticed the names of Leon Brittan and Hamilton Blackburn of Westland Helicopters”.

This could have far-reaching political ramifications, given that Brittan was closely involved in the Westland deal during 1986. The Prime Minister Margaret Thatcher and Trade and Industry Secretary Brittan wanted to see Westland merge with Sikorsky, an American company. It resulted in Heseltine’s resignation, for he favoured a European solution merging Westland with BaE.’  http://www.4liberty.org.uk/2013/01/20/westland-fernbridge-and-the-elm-guest-house/

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3 Responses to Why Did Leon Brittan Relocate From Whitby to Richmond In 1983?

  1. ally says:

    He was member for Richmond in Yorkshire, not Richmond in London.

  2. WildCat says:

    Thank you!

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