Gold Hit By Sharpest Tumble In 30 Years

The FT carried this headline as did CNN.  Some investors are now thinking this is the end of the Bull Run.  What must be borne in mind is that physical gold is not limitless unless someone has perfected that old Alchemy trick and that it has been used in the past as currency.  It is popular with the Chinese and in India.  Banksters probably not wanting ordinary folk to get the idea that their paper money is a tad unreliable…

Comment from one of ‘The Sheeplic’ – ‘Goldman Sachs predicted a collapse to $1300 per ounce just a week or so ago. Hey presto, a massive sell-off of several tonnes triggered a stampede of selling last Friday. Nothing has changed in the real world’s economy to warrant such a collapse. I suspect the Fed/Goldman Sachs are manipulating the price…’

Another chips in with‘India’s new 50% import tax.  India has been the biggest market for Gold for years.’  Well not that ‘woolly’ after all it seems.  Expect to have a new experience on your next visit to the bank – the manager might be one of ‘The Flock’.

News from Indonesia –

The Slog

Trillion dollar lawsuit

Baron James Blackheath died Feb 29 2012 heart attackLord James Blackheath Feb 2012

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