The Right Celebrated In a Similar Way When Michael Foot Died

The Right have no moral high ground in this current situation.  They did similar when Michael Foot died.  They also have no qualms about ‘restructuring a country’ to tap oil reserves or engaging in ‘insider trading’ when it suits.

Simon Mann (L) the leader of the group o

Simon Mann (L) the leader of the group – Pic Courtesy The Guardian.

Thatcher gave her approval to Mark Thatcher’s Involvement in Equatorial Guinea –

One of ‘The Flock’ at NLAT – ‘Is that the same Thatcher whose father withdrew all his money from Burmah Oil (for whom he was a director) a few days before Burmah Oil went bust ? ALLEGEDLY’  Some of The Flock have good memories it seems.

Ooh there’s MORE – ‘And the same Mark Thatcher who used to openly brag about having ‘bought’ the local police force of Wynberg in Cape Town and that their main job was to guard his Constantia estate. No wonder his American wife left him and her father wanted his guts for garters for various financial shenanigans in the US.’

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