UK Un-Cut In Action Against the Bedroom Tax At Lord Fraud’s House In Highgate

Lord Freud's House Highgate

Lord Freud’s House Highgate – Pic Courtesy NLAT.

13 April 2013

Well it looks like NLAT is out covering what UK Un-Cut are up to today and so are the BBC.  What fun they are having in Highgate LONDON today.  How much again?  £1.9 Mill.  Oh I see.

Message from NLAT – You can follow @UKUncut and @Dis_PPL_Protest (DPAC) on Twitter

Who Wants to Evict a Millionaire

UK Uncut Blog

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Owen Jones said: “Lord Freud is an unelected politician from one of the most privileged backgrounds imaginable. He had no background whatsoever in social security and welfare state, and yet he’s one of the figureheads of this Government’s offensives against welfare state and social security.’

‘Meanwhile, 20 disabled people staged a protest at Iain Duncan Smith’s country mansion in Buckinghamshire, UK Uncut said.’

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