Tories Riding For A Fall Over ‘Funeral’ Arrangements

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Her Majesty the Queen said  Hold on a min – I don’t think that’s the Queen……

Concerns were expressed at the highest levels about whether it is appropriate for such a controversial figure to be escorted on her final journey by more than 700 military personnel.’

Comment – ‘Looks like the establishment is falling out – because the Tories are giving Thatcher what amounts to a royal funeral, which is an insult to the Queen. Thatcher was many things, but she was not an aristocrat.’


George Osborne remarked  Just a min – Osborne has suddenly put on a bit of weight…..

How do the Tories do it?  Biting the hand that feeds them.  Tories spinning like tops over ‘The Funeral’.

Oh Hullo NLAT.  Hot Cross Bun?  Love one thanks.  Mick Philpott?  Who he?

Comment – ‘I hear that the Tories wanted Madonna and Tina Turner to sing at the funeral, but Thatcher said: “don’t cry for me Madge and Tina”!’

Comment – ‘….cover for a military coup by right wing Generals, just like her mate Pinochet in 1973.

Think about it. 1973 – 2013 exactly 40 years ago.’  Number crunching.

Comment – ‘I’m wondering what the “extra” features of the new Wembley are; Pinochet using the Chilean National Football Stadium. Time to put “Death and the Maiden” into the DVD.’

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